Swedish Association of International Affairs

Umeå Association of International Affairs is one of the 11 member associations allocated within Utrikespolitiska förbundet, together the associations make up the largest forum in Sweden for international affairs, with approximately 400 events on international affairs and global issues each year!

Utrikespolitiska förbundet (The Swedish Association of International Affairs) is the national organisation for the international associations of international affairs all over Sweden. You become a member of the association by becoming a member in any of the member associations.

The purpose of the association is to spread knowledge and create debate about foreign affairs and global issues from a variety of opinions and perspectives. The organization is not affiliated with any political parties or religions.

Where you can meet the Swedish Association of International Affairs

The Swedish Association of International Affairs arranges seminars and events during the Politicians’ Week in Almedalen. The week is considered to be Swedens’ largest meeting place for politics and opinion forming, we are represented at Almedalen in order to put more focus on foreign affairs in the midst of the domestic policy mix.

The association’s members are offered the chance to visit the Almedalen Week as The Swedish Association of International Affairs offer around 50 accommodation spots.