About us

The Association of International Affairs Umeå is a politically and religiously independent nonprofit association. Our independence is very important to us and has been since the start in 1995. We are principally a student association, but are also open for the general public. The main purpose of our association is to raise the awareness of and encourage to debate about international issues. To achieve this we primarily arranges interesting lectures with international topics, but also host seminars, debates, movie nights, field trips and social activities on the same theme. The goal is to increase the understanding and respect between people from different geographical, social, political and religious backgrounds.

We aim to involve members in our committees, part of our work to lower the threshold to the association and to further spread knowledge to students of different fields of study. Gender equality is important to us and we strive towards it in our choice of lecturers, board members and even in the topics chosen for our events. We aspire to offer our members, and others with an interest in international affairs, a wide and varied programme with which we can maintain the surveillance of current world issues.

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Utrikespolitiska Föreningen vid Umeå Universitet
Umeå Association of International Affairs
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Our board

Frida Tjärnström
Mail: ordf@upfu.org

Sol Forss
Vice President/Vice Ordförande
Mail: vice@upfu.org

Sandra Norrman
Mail: sekreterare@upfu.org

Artem Shiryaev
Mail: kassor@upfu.org

Salma Didi
Head of Activity/
Mail: activities@upfu.org

Sara Andersson 
Head of Programme/
Mail: program@upfu.org

Mustafa Habibi
Head of Programme/
Mail: program@upfu.org

David Furberg
Head of Communication/
Mail: info@upfu.org

Viktor Ekman
Head of Communication/
Mail: info@upfu.org

Head of Travel/
Mail: travel@upfu.org

Jasmin Khwaiter
Mail: redaktor@upfu.org

Nellie Johansson
Head of Media
Mail: media@upfu.org

Amandah Andersson
Mail: umea@ufsverige.org


Protocols from annual meetings
Would you like a protocol from an annual meeting, please contact our secretary Sandra Norrman at sekreterare@upfu.org
Protocols from board meetings
Would you like a protocol from a board meeting, please contact our secretary at sekreterare@upfu.org