About us

Our Mission

The Association of International Affairs (UAIA or UpF) is a non-profit, religiously and politically independent association operating in Umeå, with the purpose to evoke interest and debates on international and global issues. UAIA is a member of the Swedish Association of Foreign Affairs, UFS.

We provide lectures, debates and themed activities for all of our members and each semester we arrange at least one study trip. In addition, we provide two media outlets, our magazine Utpost and our podcast.

Our History

The Umeå Association of International Affairs has since it’s start in 1995 had it’s seat in Umeå. Our mission has since then been the same. We have had the great opportunity to host lectures with speakers such as Fredrik Reinfeldt, Margot Wallström, Carl Bildt, Tarja Halonen and many more. Our yearly trips has continuelsly sparked a large interest within our members. Some interesting places we have visited are Kiev, Tjernobyl, Jordania and Morocco.

Contact Us

Samhällsvetarhuset, Floor 1, Room B14333, Box 7652
Umeå, CA 90187