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Annual Election Meeting

Dear members of Umeå Association of International Affairs,  You are hereby summoned to the Annual Election meeting of 2021. The meeting will be held on the 12th of May at 16:15 on Zoom. The Annual Election meeting will decide on the board members of 2021/2022 as well as vote on the budget and operational planContinue reading “Annual Election Meeting”

Lecture: Hungary’s New Brand of Politics

Hungary’s Drift to What?Robert C AustinAssociate Director and Professor, CERESMunk School of Global Affairs & Public PolicyUniversity of Toronto In 2010, Viktor Orbán began his second mandate as Hungarian Prime Minister. Since that, “Revolution at the Polls” Orbán’s Fidesz Party has transformed Hungary politically and economically by winning super majorities in the subsequent parliamentary electionsContinue reading “Lecture: Hungary’s New Brand of Politics”

Lecture: Mercenaries in the Service of Authoritarian States

“By using mercenaries and ostensibly private security services, China and Russia project power and protect their interests abroad without openly deploying their armed forces. However, in doing so, the two countries follow two very different paths.” (Friedrich, Masuhr 2020) UpF Umea invites you to the upcoming online lecture “Mercenaries in the Service of Authoritarian States”Continue reading “Lecture: Mercenaries in the Service of Authoritarian States”

Human Rights Week 2020: Lecture

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation from the perspective of International Law As part of the Human Rights Week, UpF is very delighted to be hosting Karin Åström for a lunch lecture on Wednesday, 9 December 12-13. In her lecture Karin Åström will be outlining central legislation of the international law framework related to Human RightsContinue reading “Human Rights Week 2020: Lecture”

Lecture: How does the US electoral system actually work?

Want to learn more about the complexities and dilemmas behind the US general election? Then come to Lindellhallen 1 during lunch on the 27th of October and listen to Peteris Timofejevs outlining the electoral system, current polls and crucial differences between the candidates. Hosted by the Association of International Affairs UMEÅ We will serve fikaContinue reading “Lecture: How does the US electoral system actually work?”

Panelsamtal: Vad kan Umeå kommun göra för Agenda 2030?

Vad kan Umeå kommun göra för Agenda 2030? – Panelsamtal Hur sköter sig Umeå Kommun i förhållande till de globala målen utarbetade av Agenda 2030? Vilka punkter behöver förbättras och hur planerar kommunen att genomföra dessa sina strategier? Utrikespolitiska Föreningen och Umeå FN-förening har bjudit in partierna representerade i Umeå kommunfullmäktige till en paneldebatt. Diskussionen kommerContinue reading “Panelsamtal: Vad kan Umeå kommun göra för Agenda 2030?”

Annual meeting

Annual Meeting Dear members of UMEÅ Association of International Affairs,You are hereby summoned to Umeå Association of International Affairs annual meeting of 2020. The meeting will be held in samhällsvetarhuset in Hörsal S205 at 16:15. Because of the current pandemic the meeting will only allow a physical attendance of 50 people. If the attendance shouldContinue reading “Annual meeting”

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