Kriget i Ukraina; Vilken roll har freds-, demokrati- och ickevåldsrörelsen?

Välkommen till ett Another Development Foundation Talk om hur ett antal av Sveriges freds-, demokrati- och ickevåldsorganisationer arbetar för fred, demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter under pågående krig i Ukraina. Vilka utmaningar står freds-, demokrati- och ickevåldsrörelsen inför? Hur analyserar rörelserna situationen, och vad gör de praktiskt? MEDVERKANDEMartin Uggla, Ordförande, ÖstgruppenAgnes Hellström, Ordförande, Svenska freds- ochContinue reading “Kriget i Ukraina; Vilken roll har freds-, demokrati- och ickevåldsrörelsen?”

Lecture: Hungary’s New Brand of Politics

Hungary’s Drift to What?Robert C AustinAssociate Director and Professor, CERESMunk School of Global Affairs & Public PolicyUniversity of Toronto In 2010, Viktor Orbán began his second mandate as Hungarian Prime Minister. Since that, “Revolution at the Polls” Orbán’s Fidesz Party has transformed Hungary politically and economically by winning super majorities in the subsequent parliamentary electionsContinue reading “Lecture: Hungary’s New Brand of Politics”

Lecture: Mercenaries in the Service of Authoritarian States

“By using mercenaries and ostensibly private security services, China and Russia project power and protect their interests abroad without openly deploying their armed forces. However, in doing so, the two countries follow two very different paths.” (Friedrich, Masuhr 2020) UpF Umea invites you to the upcoming online lecture “Mercenaries in the Service of Authoritarian States”Continue reading “Lecture: Mercenaries in the Service of Authoritarian States”