Activities- Fall 2020

Annual Meeting

Dear members of UMEÅ Association of International Affairs, 

You are hereby summoned to Umeå Association of International Affairs annual meeting of 2020. The meeting will be held in samhällsvetarhuset in Hörsal S205 at 16:15. Because of the current pandemic the meeting will only allow a physical attendance of 50 people. If the attendance should exceed 50 people a zoom-link will be provided for the rest of the attendees. 

The Annual meeting will address the past operational and fiscal year: The operational, financial report and the auditors report. The meeting will decide on the board’s freedom of liability for the past operational and fiscal year. Members have the opportunity to submit motions to the annual meeting. Motions are to be submitted no later than (7) holiday-free weekdays before the annual meeting, Please submit motions to: In addition, the meeting will by-elect 3 vacant positions: Head of Program, Head of PR/Communication and Head of Activity. If you are interested in the position, please send an email of interest to or

The election of the positions will be held through nominations: either you nominate yourself or a meeting attendant will nominate you. You will thereafter have the opportunity to present yourself and the meeting will be able to ask you questions. Thereafter the meeting vill vote. The meeting is regulated in the by-laws §11 and rules of procedure §14. Remember: To be able to vote at the meeting, you have to become a member at least (5) days before the meeting day. The meeting details are inserted below.

Date: 23/09/2020

Time: 16:15

Place: S205

We hope to see you there,Umeå Association of International Affairs

Get Involved with UPF

Do you want to know more about the Umeå Association of International Affairs? Are you interested in joining a committee?

This is the event for you! The 16th of September in Hörsal G (humanist building) we will be hosting a “Get Involved” event at 15:15. 

We will explain what we do as an organisation, you will meet every board member and we will present all our upcoming committees. This year we have decided to have two committees, a travel and program committee. 

This is a great opportunity if you are interested in international affairs and want to improve your CV or if you just want to know more about us and what kind of plans we have for the upcoming year. We will also present our vacant board positions.

Due to the current pandemic, we will only allow an attendance of 50 people. 

Don’t forget, we always have fika at our events. 

Date: 16/09/2020
Time: 15:15
Place: Hörsal G

Hope to see you there! 

Activities- Spring 2020

Movie Screening – Desert Flower

Facebook Event

Date: 12th of March
Time: 18:00-21:00
MIT-Huset Lunch Space

On Thursday, the 12th of March, we will have a Movie Screening in cooperation with FN Umeå, Amnesty Umeå, Kvinna till Kvinna and Folkuniversitetet. We will screen the movie “Desert Flower” (2009) from Sherry Hormann which is based on the bestseller of Waris Dirie. The movie shows the life of Waris Dirie growing up in Somalia and facing a forced marriage as well as her escape which led her on a succesful track as model.

However, due to legal rights, the spots are limited and are distributed by “first come, first serve” before the movie screening starts. You have to sign-up yourself at the spot in order to participate and watch the movie.

Furthermore, Felicia Sandin from FN-Umeå will have a short lecture about UNA Sweden’s “Projekt Flicka” followed-up by a discussion regarding her role as one of UNA Sweden’s Ambassadors for the global goals.

There is no entrance fee for this event!

Snacks and drinks will be provided!

Hope to see you there!

Write for Rights

Facebook Event

Date: 7th of March 2020
Time: 13:00-15:00
MIT-Huset Lunch Space

We welcome you to a fika and workshop on Women’s rights activism.

We will talk about the importance of activism, look at a few cases of women’s rights defenders and then consider the question “How can we make a difference?”.

Free tasty fika will be provided along with materials for making signs and banners for the upcoming Women Day Demonstration.

This is an official event within the Women Rights Week!

Hope to see you there!

Human Rights Pub

Facebook Event

Date: 6th of March
Time: 18:00
Kårhuset Villan

Once again it’s time for our Human rights pub! This time the theme is going to be women rights, as this is a part of Women’s rights week.

Amnesty International, the UN-association Umeå, Utrikespolitiska föreningen Umeå, Kvinna till Kvinna and Feministiska juriststudenter join forces to bring you a night full of fun, drinks and dancing!

Get over to villan from 18:00 and onwards to enjoy some sweet tunes and great company and then join our FREE Quiz about women’s rights throughout the history. Play in groups of two to five to get the chance to win some awesome prices!

The entrance is free but you do have to be member of the Student Union.

Hope to see y’all there!

UpF Euro Disco

Facebook Event

Date: 14th of February 2020
Time: 20:00

At the 14th of February we, UpF, are arranging a club night with the theme „Eurovision Song Contest“. With our Euro Disco you have the opportunity to dance-off to your favourite songs from the Eurovision Song Contest. Whether it is ABBA, Lordi or Lena, every music taste will be included to make the best of the night!

We will also have a quiz which is all about testing your Eurovision Song Contest knowledge! The mastermind of the ESC will be awarded with a small surprise!

Since it is Valentine’s Day too, we will keep up with some romantic songs as well!

Unfortunetely, we can’t provide all the alcohol so please, bring your own alcohol!

The event is free of charge and you don’t have to be a member to enter the party. So don’t forget to bring your friends with you!

Looking forward to spent a great night with you!

UpF Committee Meeting

Facebook Event

Date: 3rd of February 2020
Time: 15:15-16:30
UpF Room

Are you interested in bringing in your ideas into the work of UpF? Then you are most welcome to come to the first meeting of the UpF Committees!

The Head of Activity and our Heads of Programme will introduce you to the work of the Committees, their function, tasks, etc.

The UpF room is located in the basement of Samhällsvetarhuset (Social Science Building) besides Tryggheten.

As always, Fika will be provided!

See you there!