VACANCIES: Vice President, auditor and election committee


Dear UPF-members, 
Are you interested in becoming part of our board 2014/2015? If so, this is your chance. We are looking for a new VICE PRESIDENT: Here is a description of the position:

Also, we are looking for a new AUDITOR and ELECTION COMMITTEE. Are you interested in any of the vacancies? Want to know more? E-mail Sanna Forsberg at


At the election meeting we did not elect a Vice President, instead the meeting gave the board mandate to elect a interim Vice President, that will candidate and (possibly) be formally elected at the annual meeting this fall (September) – which is why we are asking you to send in your applications. 
The application should include a short introduction of yourself and also a section where you name 1-3 strenghts and weaknesses of our association, Umeå Association of International Affairs. This should be sent to me,, May 14th at the latest. We will call all applicants to a meeting May 19th at 6.30pm where you will be able to further introduce yourself and there will be time for you to ask questions to the board and vice versa. So, save the date, and please tell me if you are not able to make it – then we’ll try to reschedule. We will send the agenda (with location) for the meeting to all who have submitted an application.
At the meeting May 19th the board will elect the interim Vice President. If you are not elected, you may still candidate for the position at the annual meeting this fall. 
I’m looking forward to meeting you. 
Kind regards, 
Sanna Forsberg

Ordförande / Chairman 
Utrikespolitiska Föreningen vid Umeå Univeristet / Umeå Association of International Affairs
Box 7652
90713 Umeå
Cellphone +46 (0)70- 628 05 96





Umeå Association of International Affairs (Utrikespolitiska Föreningen vid Umeå Universitet), or UPF Umeå, is a non-profit, non-governmental, politically and religiously unbound association with the aim to spread knowledge on foreign policy issues by functioning as a forum where these issues can be discussed.

UPF Umeå is a student association but is open for everyone and is one out of 10 associations on International Affairs in Sweden and part of the umbrella association Sweden Association of International Affairs (abbrevated SAIA or UFS).


1. LECTURES: We have invited and arranged lectures with politicians, researchers, journalists, ambassadors and other experts.

2. ISTANBUL 2014: We have arranged a study trip to Istanbul together with our sister UF Malmö. This was a super hit.

3. MOVIE NIGHT: Movie night which was also a super hit – where we casually hung out with our members afterwards.

4. UFS:  We have been part of the Forum Days 2013, Convention 2014 and Almedalen 2014.

6. WORKING GROUPS: We have started up and begun to work with committees that “does all the work”. For example: The lecture committee arranges lectures and has had the sole responsibility of  arranging a panel debate on foreign policy with almost all of the parties in the Swedish Parliament. The Social Activities Committee arranged the movie night. The editorial Staff creates the magazine.

7. MAGAZINE: We have published  our magazine Utpost, where members of the editorial staff contribute with layout and articles.

WISHLIST FOR NEXT YEAR! (Please make it come true)

1. 3-4 lectures a month, of course. The more, the merrier!
2. 1-2 trips abroad and 1 social activity each month.
3. More cooperations with sister organizations. It was super fun to hang out with UF Mamö and we wish to do that more and also with even more sisters!


1. UPF Umeå is a growing association with enormous potential

Become a part of our developing association! There is so much room for new ideas, concepts and projects! Sky is the limit. Also there are several important structural issues that is still to be dealt with so there is a place for everyone; creative project leaders as well as super structured administrators – and everything in between!

2. It’s fun and you meet fantastic people

Our association arranges about three lectures a month, trips and social activities for people with similar interests as you. I think this speaks for itself.

3. You learn a LOT and you become a better person (it’s true!)

Of course you will learn a lot about international issues but also about being on a board (super valuable!) and cooperating with people. There will always be a few bumps in the road but that is what makes it fun and what makes you better as a person! I promise you this.

4. It’s a super good merit and you develop you network

UFS has 3000 members all over Sweden – As an active you meet with these people at least 2 times a year – and all of them are interested in foreign policy which means that they WILL become your colleagues (or they will at least know some of your future colleagues). And UFS Alumna might be your bosses. The Swedish Associations of International Affairs has a great rennome at many of your dream work places.



Invitation to Election Meeting


Varmt välkomna till UPFs valårsmöte!

När? 24/4 2014 kl 17.15

Var? Samhällsvetarhuset, sal S308

Vad? På valårsmöte väljs styrelse för nästa verksamhetsår 2014/2015, valberedning och revisorer. Mötet beslutar även om verksamhetsplan och budget för nästa år.

För vem? Alla är välkomna, så ta med en kompis!

Är du intresserad av att söka något av förtroendeuppdragen? Sök via För mer information, kontakta Sanna Forsberg på

Dagordning och möteshandlingar: Budget Proposal 2014-2015 Verksamhetsplan 2014-2015 Agenda Annual Election Meeting 2014 (En and Swe) Operational Plan 2014-2015



Vi önskar er allt gott till dess!

Med vänliga hälsningar,

UPF Umeås styrelse


Sanna Forsberg
Phone +46(0)70-628 05 96

You are hereby invited to the Annual Election Meeting for Umeå Association of International Affairs!

When? April 24th 2014 at 05.15 pm

The Social Sciences Building, room S308

What? The Annual Election Meeting elects the board, election comittee and accounant(s), for the operational year of 2014/2015.

For who? Everybody is welcome – so bring a friend!

Are you interested in any of the commissions of trust? Apply via the Election Committee at For more information, contact Sanna Forsberg at

The agenda and the meeting documents:  Budget Proposal 2014-2015 Verksamhetsplan 2014-2015 Agenda Annual Election Meeting 2014 (En and Swe) Operational Plan 2014-2015

Until then – all the best to you!

Kind regards,

The Board of Umeå Association of International Affairs


Sanna Forsberg
Phone +46(0)70-628 05 96


The board 2014

Utrikespolitiska Föreningen vid Umeå universitet (UPF Umeå) söker engagerade och drivna personer till det kommande verksamhetsåret. Till styrelsen söks ett antal olika poster (ordförande samt vice, kassör, sekreterare, programansvarig m.fl.). Därtill söks en representant till Utrikespolitiska förbundet (UFS) samt ledamöter till valberedningen. Är du intresserad, skicka ett kortare e-post med en presentation av dig själv, dina tankar om föreningen, samt ett enklare CV till valberedningen på

Umeå Association of International Affairs (UPFU) searches for dedicated and devoted members for the upcoming year. To the board a number of posts (such as Chairman and Deputy, Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Program, et al) are sought. Additionally we are searching for representative to the Swedish Association of International Affairs (UFS) and members of the election committee. If you are interested, send a short e-mail together with a presentation, your thoughts regarding the association and a simple CV to the election committee at For more information, visit


17 april – Sista ansökningsdag / Last day for applications
21 till 23 april – Uttagningsprocess / Interviews
23 april – Valberedningen presenterar sitt förslag / The Election Committee will present their suggestion

Uppdragsbeskrivningar för de olika posterna: 


Ordförande Uppdragsbeskrivning
Kassör Uppdragsbeskrivning
Rese o Aktivitetsansvarig Uppdragsbeskrivning

Description for the Travel and Activity Coordinator (English)

PR-ansvarig Uppdragsbeskrivning

Redaktör Uppdragsbeskrivning
UFS representant Uppdragsbeskrivning
Vice Ordförande Uppdragsbeskrivning
Sekreterare Uppdragsbeskrivning
Uppdragsbeskrivning för valberedning

English summary of positions-descriptions:

President: The president is ultimately responsible for the operation of the association and is the spokesperson in official contexts. As president you prepare and lead board meetings every other week and are responsible for making sure that everything relevant is on the agenda. Together with the treasurer you have responsibility over the financial work in the association and therefore it is a plus if you have knowledge or experiences concerning economy if you apply for the president post. You should be prepared to attend annual meetings, forum weekends and other activities arranged by the UFS (the Sweden Association of International Affairs).  As president you should be very organized, thorough, energetic and focused on problem solving. A lot of time and commitment is required from you since you have to be constantly up to date on every area of the association. You have to be a good listener since you are responsible for making the association’s work run smoothly and for uniting the board during disagreements. You should have previous experience with board work if you apply for the president post. If you get elected you will have a very interesting and exciting year ahead of you!

Vice president: As a vice president you shall be very up to date on the president’s duties and be prepared to support the president when it is needed. Together with the president you represent the association in official contexts, for example in the media or during annual meetings with the UFS. Together with the treasurer and the president you are responsible for applying for funding from our contributors.

Treasurer: As treasurer you are responsible for the economy of the association. You have the ultimate responsibility for the cashier and cash handling, you pay bills, you do the accounting and book keeping and keep in touch with the accountant of the association. You regularly inform the board about the financial situation. Together with the president you apply and account for funding for our operation. Other administrative work will also be added during the year. As the treasurer you should be very organized and thorough. It is very good if you have previous knowledge about economy if you apply for this post.  

Secretary: As a secretary you write protocols and make sure that these are available for the rest of the board at all times and also saved for future boards. It is very important that everything relevant from the meetings is written down in the protocols. You send out mails to our members on a regular basis to inform them about our activities. You are also responsible for updating our members register after every activity according to Personuppgiftslagen 1998:204. You make sure that at least 60 % of our members are under the age of 26 since this is needed when we apply for funding from the Swedish state. You make sure that parts of the members register are available during our annual meetings and such. As the secretary you are also doing the administrative work with subscriptions for the magazine Internationella Studier. You also write thank you letters to our guests together with the president. As a secretary you should be able to communicate very well in both Swedish and English. You’re supposed to be very organized and structured.

Head of Program/Program Secretary: As head of program you create the program for the association from beginning to end. This means you come up with themes and subjects for our lectures, you develop other activities like seminars and debates and you contact and invite our guest lecturers. During the spring of 2013 the Umeå Association of International Affairs have had 2-3 lectures every month. You book train and airplane tickets and take care of our guests during their stay in Umeå. This means that you have a great opportunity to meet really interesting people! You are responsible for the presentation, the technic and the questions during the lectures. You also order “fika” or lunch for our visitors before the lectures. In Umeå we’ve had two heads of program during the last few years since it takes a lot of time and energy. You usually also get a good amount of support from the board and active members. 
As a head of program you have to be flexible since plans can change on a moment’s notice. The post as head of program is not difficult but you need time, energy and commitment if you choose to apply. You should have a true commitment in international issues and be energetic and enthusiastic about your work. You should also like to communicate and contact other people since this is a core thing in your work. If you become head of program you will have a truly exciting year!

Head of PR: As head of PR you lead the work on marketing the association and our activities. This will be through different channels such as posters, flyers, social media, the web page and being visible at the university. You arrange presentations in classrooms and stand in Lindellhallen together with the other board members. You keep in touch with the printing company and make sure that the printed material for our activities is ready in time. You also lead the PR committee in case this is created.

Editor for Utpost Magazine: The editor is responsible for creating our local editorial staff team for our magazine Utpost which is printed once every semester. This means that you find writers and organize a layout team. You are responsible for the articles being correctly written before printing and you do this together with the writers. You keep in touch with the other editorial staff teams within the cooperation of Utpost. It is your responsibility to make sure that the final version of the magazine is within the approved budget and that the final sum is approved at a board meeting.

Head of Travel and Activities: As Head of travel and activities you should lead a travel group and arrange one trip per semester. You should also arrange one social activity for members every month.

UFS representative: The UPF Umeå is one of ten local associations in the national Association of International Affairs (UFS). Umeå is now looking for a new representative who will represent us in the national board. Just to be clear: The representative will be a member in the national board, not in the local one. Although, the representative is more than welcome to attend local board meeting and take part of our work. 
As a UFS-representative you should not be afraid to speak your mind since your job is to make sure that the interests of the Umeå association is being listened to. Previous experiences of board work is something you should have since you’re going to be working with by-laws, policies and other things that you have to be able to understand. You shall have time to attend the board meetings in UFS that usually take place once a month in different cities in Sweden. The trips are paid by the UFS. Skype meetings are also taking place once in a while. You should enjoy to network since you will work closely with the UFS, the other local associations and our Umeå presidium. Since the UFS board is working a lot in Swedish you should be able to communicate fluently in both Swedish and English.