Annual Election Meeting

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Välkomna till årets valårsmöte!
3/5 Hörsal C. Lindellhallen

På valårsmötet kommer vår styrelse för verksamhetsåret 2018/2019 att väljas. Valberedningen kommer att presentera sina nomineringar – men det är öppet att kandidera på plats!

Utöver val av styrelse, valberedning och revisor, kommer mötet att besluta om budget och verksamhetsplan för det kommande verksamhetsåret.


Vårt årsmöte är öppet för alla och du som är medlem har rösträtt på mötet.
Vi ses där!



Welcome to the annual election meeting
3/5 Lecturehall C. Lindellhallen

At the meeting, the board for the operational year 2018/2019 will be selected.


During this meeting we will elect a new board for the operational year 18/19, also the Election Committee will present their nominations for the board. You may also candidate for a position during the meeting.

In addition to the election of the board, election committee and auditor, decisions regarding the budget and business plan for the coming operational year will be made as well.

The annual election meeting is open to everyone and all members have the right to vote.

See you there!


Agenda for the Annual Election Meeting 2018
Operational plan
Budgetutkast 18-19
By-laws 2016-05-09
UpF Proposition – Revision of the by-laws

Apply for the UpF board!


Our time is nearly up, it has been a very eventful year for this board, and now you have the opportunity to apply for next year’s board and be a part of this associoation.

Below you can read a short presentation and mission statments of each and every one of the positions. And as always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Send your application to before April 16th!


The president has the outermost responsibility for the work of the board and the activity of the association. Amongst other things, you have the executive mandate to run the association and you share administrative work with the rest of the presidium.
You should have leader qualities and organizational skills as well as a full spectrum approach, focus on cooperation and comprehensiveness to listen.
Mission statement – President

Vice President:

As Vice President you have a great responsibility for the administrative work of
the association. You should be well informed in the projects of the association so that you can assist the chairman as much as possible. Also, you are required to substitute the chairman when she/he is absent. You should have planning skills, taking initiative and a will to develop and improve both the administrative work of the association as well as the cooperation within the board.
Mission statement – Vice President


Being secretary means a responsibility for documenting and scoring the work of
the association. You have, together with the rest of the presidium, responsibility for
the administrative work and translating various documents. Preferably, when applying you
should have a drive to develop the work of the association and also show active participation
in the duties of the board, and be able to read and write in swedish as well as english.
Mission statement – Secretary


As treasurer you have the main responsibility for the economics of the association, together with administrative work of the board. For example, you will have extended contact with the accountant, bookkeeping and be in charge of payments to and from the association. When applying, you should have some experience of working with economy in any form.
Mission statement – Treasurer

Head of Programme:

Being head of program means responsibility for planning and arranging lectures. You will also be in charge of and lead a program committee. The head of program is also a member of the board which requests active work within the board. Preferably, you should be creative and have ideas on how to develop the association. You should have good planning skills as well as social competence and collaboration skills.
(2 people)
Mission statement – Head of Programme

Head of Travels:

As head of travels you will be responsible for leading and planning the work and organization of the associations trip for the member, which will be arranged each semester. You will have the visionary and the practical responsibility for the trip and its implementation before and at the trip. Having experience of traveling and the capacity of guiding a larger group is meriting. Most importantly, you need to have the drive and the commitment to make the trip as interesting and pleasant as possible.
Mission statement – Head of Travels

Head of Media:

This post is the newest in our board and has the main responsibility of our podcast. In this position you’ll have a lot of freedom – you can develop the podcast itself but also the position as a whole, and that requires that you have the ability to work independently. You will work closely together with the Heads of Communication, Heads of Program and Head of Activity to create a common theme in the work of the association, for example by working on the same political themes and reaching specific target groups. Previous experience is a merit but not necessary. What’s most important is that you have ambition to develop the position and create a team that together can create this new platform for debate around international politics.
Mission statement – Head of Media

Head of Activity:

As head of activity you are in charge of social activities during the semesters. It includes
planning and carrying out events such as meetings for discussion or member parties. Also, you will have the main responsibility for our newly started film club where once a month the members get the opportunity to participate in a documentary night and discuss current topics. Applying for this post you should have a commitment to the association and wanting to develop the activity committee, thus continue to create opportunities for the members to meet and hang out.
Mission statement – Head of Activities

Head of comunication:

Being Head of Communication means responsibility for marketing the association. You will be in charge of the website and communication via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Further, you will be responsible för creating a monthly newsletter and you will be in charge of and lead a committee. The position is a part of the board which requests active work within the board. You should have good planning skills as well as motivation to develop the association further. It is mandatory to be able to write and speak in English.
(2 people)
Mission statement – Head of Communication


The editor has responsibility for distribution of the association’s’ magazine Utpost. Among other things, it is the responsibility of the editor to assemble editorial staff when creating the magazine; writers, graphic designers and photographers. Preferably, you should have an interest for reading and writing and have a vision for future editions of Utpost as well as the development of the editorial work. There has been a discussion about developing a web-based magazine and our vision is therefore that the editor is willing to start the procedure of transforming the magazine.
Mission statement – Editor

SAIA Represetative:

The Association of International Affairs Umeå is a part of the Swedish Association
of International Affairs (SAIA) and therefore one person should be sent to represent the local association at the national level. Your task is to bring forward local issues and concerns to the national level and thus act as the central communication channel between the different levels. You should have ambition on how to develop the cooperation between the different associations. Preferably, you should have experience from working within an organization or association and furthermore you need to have the possibility to travel to attend meetings four times a year.
Mission statement – SAIA Representative

Election Committee:

Mission statement – Election Committee

Invitation to Barents Cooperation 25th Anniversary Conference

Dear friends! Exciting opportunities lies ahead.

On behalf of the Swedish BEAC Chairmanship we invite you to the Barents Cooperation 25th Anniversary Conference to be held in Luleå, Sweden 17-18 April.

The overall objective of this conferance is to put the youth perspective at the center of discussions, build on previous achivments of our cooperation and explore the opportunities and challanges that lie ahead.

Accomodation and the trip from Umeå to Luleå will be free of charge.

If you are intrested in participating or have any questions please contact by friday the 9th of march!

Invitation to Luleå 17-18 April (1)
Draft program Luleå 17-18. April

Extra annual meeting!

Välkommen till Utrikespolitiska Föreningen vid Umeå Universitets extra årsmöte 2017.

Årsmötet kommer hållas 2017-12-07 kl. 16.15 i sal S305.

Årsmötet kommer att behandla styrelsens proposition. Mötet kommer därefter behandla fyllnadsval för Ordförande, Vice Ordförande, Kassör, Programansvarig, UFS-representant samt Medieansvarig. Detta innebär att alla som är intresserade av dessa poster bör delta på årsmötet för att kunna presentera sig, svara på frågor och eventuellt bli invald. Valberedningen kommer att presentera sina förslag och om du vill söka en post bör en intresseanmälan skickas till senast den 29/11. Det kommer även finnas möjlighet att kandidera på plats.

Extra årsmötet regleras i stadgarna §13.

Linnea Pernebrink
Ordförande / President
Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Umeå / Umeå Association of International Affairs

Welcome to Umeå Association of International Affair’s extra annual meeting of 2017.

 The Annual Meeting will be held 2015-12-07 at 16.15 in room S305.

The Annual Meeting will address the proposition by the board. The Meeting will then by-elect for the posts President, Vice president, Treasurer, Head of Programme, SAIA representative and Head of Media. This means that everyone with an interest in nominating themselves or someone they know to the vacant posts should attend the meeting in order to present themselves, answer questions and perhaps become elected. The election committee will present their nominees and if you are interested in any of the posts you should send an email to before 29/11. You can also candidate at the meeting. 

The Extra Annual Meeting is regulated in the by-laws §13.

Mission statement – Head of Media

Mission statement- Vice President

Mission statement- Treasurer

Mission statement- SAIA Representative

Mission statement- Head of Programme

Mission statement- President

Välkommen till Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Umeås Årsmöte 2017!


Årsmötet kommer hållas 2017-09-28 kl. 16.15 i sal S305.
Dagordning, verksamhetsberättelse, ekonomisk berättelse, propositioner med bilagor samt stadgar hittar du nedan.

Årsmötet kommer behandla föregående verksamhetsår, verksamhets- och ekonomisk berättelse samt revisorns berättelse. Därefter kommer mötet besluta om styrelsens ansvarsfrihet för det föregående verksamhets- och räkenskapsåret.

Årsmötet kommer även att hålla fyllnadsval för förtroendeposterna Kassör, Revisor och Valberedning. Detta innebär att alla som är intresserade av att nominera någon de känner eller dig själv till någon av dessa poster bör delta på årsmötet för att kunna presentera sig, svara på frågor och eventuellt bli vald.
Intresseanmälan och ett personligt brev kan skickas till innan mötet (helst innan den 19/9) men du kan även kandidera på plats.
Propositioner som därefter kommer avhandlas på mötet bifogas i detta mail. Medlemmar har även möjlighet att lämna motioner till Årsmötet, vilka ska vara styrelsen tillhanda senast sju (7) helgfria dagar innan Årsmötet.

Årsmötet regleras i stadgarna §11.

Linnea Pernebrink 

Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Umeå

Agenda for the Annual Meeting 2017
Balansrapport 2016-2017
Bilaga 1. Budget
Bilaga 2. Mission statements
Bilaga 3. Verksamhetsplan
Ekonomisk berättelse 2016-2017
Resultatrapport 2016-2017
UpF Proposition – Authorized Signatories
UpF Proposition – Revision of mission statements
UpF Proposition – Revision of operational plan
UpF Proposition – Revision of budget

Vakanta poster inför årsmötet hösten 2017/Vacant positions

Kära medlemmar, höstens årsmöte kommer att äga rum den 28 september, och där kommer det finnas poster som behöver tillsättas. Posterna vi söker är:



Valberedning (3 personer)

Så om du vill engagera dig, har erfarenhet av ekonomi eller föreningsliv och vill hjälpa oss att kunna fortsätta med vår verksamhet så skulle vi varmt välkomna och rekommendera att du anmäler ditt intresse. Om du eller någon du känner skulle passa för uppdragen, skicka ett mail till och anmäl ditt intresse, allra helst innan 19 september. Det kommer även att vara möjligt att kandidera på plats på mötet. Mer information om

Dear members, our annual meeting will be held 28 september, and we currently have a few vakant postions to fill:




Nominating Committee (3 persons)

So if you want to get involved in UpF, have experience with economy or working with nonprofit organizations and want to help us out in the future, we would very much welcome that you apply. Please try to send your application to before 19 september, but you will also be able to candidate during the meeting.

Mission statement- Treasurer
Mission statement- Nominating Committee
Mission statement- Accountant

Fotbolls-VM i Qatar – Blod, svett och guldvittring


VM 2022 i Qatar är tidernas mest kontroversiella fotbollsmästerskap redan innan det spelats. I ett land som till ytan är lika stort som Skåne planeras det för ett evenemang som ska slå världen med häpnad. Prislappen för mästerskapet beräknas till 1600 miljarder kronor – att jämföra med 120 miljarder kronor som den korruptionstyngda VM-turneringen i Brasilien 2014 kostade.

Arbetarna som ser till att mästerskapet ska bli verklighet jobbar under svåra förhållanden. De flesta kommer från fattiga regioner i Asien och anställs via ett slags sponsorsystem som innebär att arbetsgivaren konfiskerar passen och har total makt över den anställde. Detta leder bland annat till trångboddhet, långa arbetspass (i extremhetta) och att få har råd till sjukvård. “Modernt slaveri” är en formulering som återkommer från fackförbud och internationella granskare. Enligt Indiens och Nepals ambassader i huvudstaden Doha pekar prognosen på att 4000 personer från de två länderna kommer att dö i Qatar innan VM 2022 sparkas igång.

För två år sedan var journalisten Oskar Månsson i Doha och skrev ett reportage om mästerskapet, ett reportage som Qatars statliga VM-organisation försökte stoppa. I föredraget tänker han berätta om mitt arbete och ge en bild av gästarbetarnas villkor och Qatars högtflygande planer. Han kommer också tala om korruptionen inom Fifa och Qatars VM-organisation, samt försöka förklara varför det här är en utveckling som vi förmodligen får vänja oss vid.



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