Two lectures this week (43)

This week UpF offers two lectures. The first one will be about Ebola (in English) and will take place on Wednesday during lunch time and the second one is about migration and refuge (in Swedish) on Thursday evening.



Stängda gränser och öppna hjärtan – Dzenan Sahovic
When: Thursday, 22nd of October, 18.00
Where: Lindell A
in Swedish

Experiences and lessons learned from the
West African Ebola epidemic
– John Kinsman

When: Wednesday, 21st of October, 12.00
Where: Lindell A
in English

Documentary club “Marx reloaded”

On Thursday 15th of October, it is time for the next UpF documentary club. This time we will screen “MARX RELOADED” in collaboration with Cinema Politica and Folkuniversitetet which will be followed by a discussion. 

Referring to the financial crisis in 2008-2009, this film problematises economic theories and ideologies, particularly the very familiar ideologies communism and capitalism. The financial crisis triggered the deepest global recession in 70 years and prompted the US government to spend more than 1 trillion dollars in order to rescue the banking system from collapse. The film is produced and directed by Jason Baker for the German film studio Medea Film. The film focuses on a marxistic perspective while also including sceptics of the ideology in
order to create a productive discussion related to the economical crisis. The implications of the crisis can still be felt by many countries throughout the world which makes the topics of the film suitable for discussions about economic ideologies, theories and the future of economics regardless of the fact that the movie was released in 2011.

FREE ENTRANCE for members 
(membership 50 SEK/year, single entrance 20 SEK)

China and the cry for freedom

This friday the next UpF lecture entitled “China and the cry for freedom” is going to take place.

Where: Lecture hall D, Lindellhallen


Chairman Petra Lindberg from SHRIC – Supporting Human Rights in China ( will talk about the current situation in China.The topics will involve human rights abuses, the growing censorship and the use of soft-power in the west. We will open a discussion on how we in the west can have a positive impact have on world’s biggest dictatorship.
Link to the event:


En tillbakablick på Whole Earth? Day med universitetets rektor

Rektor Lena Gustafson har skrivit om jubileumsveckan då Umeå Universitet fyllde 50 år och som Whole Earth? Day har varit del av.

“Våra studenter, i den Utrikespolitiska föreningen, med varmt stöd av Umeå universitet och Hard Rain Project, arrangerade Whole Earth? Day. Efter ett år av hårt arbete och flera genomförda förseminarier under våren, var det dags att koppla upp sig mot världen via studenter vid 100-talet universitet spridda över jorden.”

Läs mer:


Foto: Johan Gunséus

Föreläsning om Retorik


Torsdagen den 24 September är UPF:s första föreläsning i samarbete med Folkuniversitetet för terminen. Anders Sigrell, professor från Lunds universitet kommer att prata om retorik och om konsten att välja språk konstruktivt.

Det mest grundläggande axiomet för retorik som vetenskap och praktiskt kunnande är att vi väljer språk. Detta språkval får konsekvenser för hur vi uppfattar vår verklighet, och därmed också etiska följder. I föredraget kommer sambandet retorik-demokrati-etik att uppmärksammas, försök kommer även att göras för att konkretisera detta samband.

(in Swedish)

Gratis inträde för UpF medlemmar, 20 SEK för övriga
Fika kommer att finnas!
Medlemskap: 50 kr/året

Whole Earth? Day

Omslagsbild FacebookOn the 18th of September UpF, Umeå University and Hard Rain Project will create a forum for students where environmental sustainability will be discussed. There will be seminars/panel debates in Aula Nordica, a world famous exhibition outside Universum, a food court, a fair with organisations and companies, and finally an evening full of great entertainment.

Together we´ll raise the discussion on environmental issues and let the politicians and policy makers know that students want change. Welcome!

More info about schedule at the event:


Some of the participators at the Whole Earth? Day:

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Committee Info Meeting

Thanks for the meeting yesterday! We are very much looking forward to this year’s committees together!
If you could not come to the meeting, you can of course still join the committees anytime. Just contact the responsible committee via email: 


Graphic Design & PR:





If anyone wants to engage right away next week, we are still looking for some more volunteers for Whole Earth? Day (18th of September).
Send an email to if you are interested!
Any help is appreciated and shifts start from one hour only depending on how much time you have.
Hope to see you soon!

Vacancies in the UpF board 15/16; Apply today!

Are you interested in international affairs and the many perks of being involved in Umeå Association of International Affairs (great fun, new friends, sharing and contributing to knowledge)? Do you want to commit further to the association by becoming part of our incredible (but humble) board?

At the annual election meeting in May 2015 there were some slots that could not be filled. The following board positions are to be auspicated at the annual meeting September 29th which means that you may apply to them:

– Vice President
– Treasurer
– Head of PR
– Head of PR and Graphic Designer
– Editor
We are also looking for…
– A SAIA representative
– Members of the election committee

You may read about all the positions here:

Does any of these positions appeal to you? Then, please read on for important information.

HOW TO NOMINATE YOURSELF AND/OR OTHERS? Send us an e-mail and tell us you’re interested. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just include your contacts. We will respond to all e-mails by setting up a “fika” where we’ll answer your questions and you may tell us more about yourself. It’ll be sort of like an interview but more fun (hopefully!) :)
DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS is Sunday September 13th.

At the annual meeting there will still possible to nominate yourself and/or others for the vacancies.

QUESTIONS? E-mail us:

Our best regards;
Sanna Forsberg och Nina Svensson
Election Committee

PS: More opportunities to joining in on all the fun: Come to our get active meeting

Committee Info Meeting

When: Thursday 10th September, 15.00-17.00
Where: S302, Social Science Building


Do you want to

…bring in ideas for upcoming lectures?
…plan the documentary club?
…be part of the travel committee?
…design posters and flyers?
…interview lecturers?
…record a radio show?
…publish an article in our magazine UTPOST?

Then come to the info meeting or contact us:
– Program (
– Activities (
– Travel (
– Graphic Design & PR (
– Editorial (
– Radio (

Program for Whole Earth? Day

Schema_internet_Alt_22We proudly present the Program of the Whole Earth? Day. Guests like the Swedish Environment Ambassador Jan Olsson and the artists Mary N´Diaye and Emil Jensson. Also the founder of the project Whole Earth?, Mark Edwards, will represent. Book this day in your calendar, so you can be a part of the green discussion between students, companies and organisations.


More info at the fb-page:

Volunteer at the “Whole Earth? Day”

Omslagsbild Facebook

On the 18th of September Hard Rain Project, UpF Umeå and Umeå University together  with partners will create a forum for students where environmental, econimic and social suistainability will be discussed. There will be seminars and panel debates in Aula Nordica, a world famous exhibiton outside Universum, food court, a fair with organisations and companies and an evening full of great music.
Together we´ll raise the discussion on environmental, economic and social issues and let the politicians and policy makers get to know that students want a change.


Send a mail with name & phone number to

Preconditions for Consumer Power

Preconditions for Consumer Power was the last event of the first phase of the Whole Earth?-project that has included lectures, panel debates, seminars and a concert.  Now we are prepared for the Whole Earth?-Day on the 18th of September that no one at Umeå University should miss.
If you misses this last Whole Earth?-event you can watch it at


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Preconditions for Consumer Power

From time to time we’re faced with alarming reports claiming that we’re using up resources as if we had more than one planet, and in doing so, risking the well­being of future generations and jeopardizing sensitive ecosystems. Various attempts has been made to present alternative ways in order to create a development which would ensure both social and ecological sustainability.

”Sustainable consumption” is a frequented term in these kinds of discussions – but what does it mean and how does it work? By recognizing the power in consumer patterns, some advocates for market solutions to the problems caused by mass consumption. If the consumers deliberately were to start chosing products that are less harmful to the climate, the downward spiral could be turned around. But is this really realistic? And if so, how does it work on micro­levels and meso­levels?

In our last Whole Earth?­event before the summer we are happy to welcome you all to a seminar with Herman Stål, Mikael Jonsson and Mattias Näsman who will discuss the preconditions for consumer power and sustainable consumption.

Welcome to join this free event on May 25 at 15.15-17.00
More info

Whole Earth? Concert

11212349_10152790379466034_1911490974_nThe culture is an important part of the Whole Earth?-project beacause it creates and spreads energy and inspiration. This is needed to be able to keep discussing those tough questions about climate change that are so important. The Whole Earth? Concert gave lots of people energy to keep the struggle for a sustainable society. Enjoy the music!



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Annual Election Meeting

It was a happy and enthusiastic atmosphere when the 25 persons showed up at the Annual Election Meeting. As in previous years, it was also now difficulties to recruit a full board at this specific meeting even though the association is so popular among the student at the Umeå University. 7 candidates were elected to the UpF Board 15/16:
Chairman: Aron Segerström
Secretary: Marcus Anderbrandt
Head of Programme (2): Felicia Lindelöw, Karl Malmborg
Head of Activities: Niklas Edeborg
Head of Travel: Fabian Ultvedt
Editor: Nicklas Holm
Head of Radio: Konstantin Bazhenov


5 posts of the UpF Board 15/16 wasn´t appointed and are therefore still vacant:
Head of PR
Graphic Designer
Contact to adress your interest or ask any questions. More info about the posts at


Travel to Jordan

Varje år arrangerar resekommittén i UpF Umeå en studieresa till en intressant destination för våra medlemmar. Årets resa var till Amman, Jordanien där 15 st medlemmar fick besöka NGO:s, svenska ambassaden, universitet etc. Engagera dig i UpF om du har idéer för framtida resor. Från årets fantastiska resa har Niclas Holm har skrivit en reseskildring,tryck på Read more of this post för att avnjuta läsningen.

Continue reading “Travel to Jordan”

Future of the Arctic

What a great afternoon!
Four interesting speeches with different perspectives but on the same  topic “Future of the Arctic”. We hope you enjoyed the seminar and the mingle afterwards. Next Whole Eart?-event is a concert in Ljusgården, Teachers House, Umeå University the 8th of May.
Missed the seminar, follow this link to watch it:                                                                       



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