Annual Election Meeting

Dear members of Umeå Association of International Affairs, 

You are hereby summoned to the Annual Election meeting of 2021. The meeting will be held on the 12th of May at 16:15 on Zoom. The Annual Election meeting will decide on the board members of 2021/2022 as well as vote on the budget and operational plan for the following fiscal and operational year. Elections of board members will be held through a voting system on Zoom which will be explained on spot. Following positions are eligible to apply for:

President (1)
Vice President (1) 
Treasurer (1)
Secretary (1)
Head of Programme (2)
Head of PR/Communication (2)
Head of Activity (1)
Head of Travel (1)
Head of Media (1)
Editor (1)
SAIA-Representative (1)

If you are interested in any of the positions, please read the mission statements and send an email of interest to or The election of the positions will be held through nominations: either you nominate yourself or a meeting attendant will nominate you. You will thereafter have the opportunity to present yourself and the meeting will be able to ask you questions. After your presentation the meeting will vote on who to elect for the position. The meeting is regulated in the by-laws §11 and rules of procedure §14. Remember: To be able to vote at the meeting, you have to become a member at least (5) days before the meeting day. 

Members have the opportunity to submit motions or amendments to the proposed operational plan and budget to the annual election meeting. Motions and amendments are to be submitted no later than (7) holiday-free weekdays before the annual meeting. Please submit motions to: 

The meeting details are inserted in the event. The operational plan, mission statements, by-laws, motion template and draft agenda is attached to the Facebook event. The proposed budget will be sent out no later than (14) days before the meeting. Date: 12/05/2021
Time: 16:15
Place: Zoom

We hope to see you there,
The Board through President Agnes Selnes
Umeå Association of International Affairs
Umeå 08/04/2021