Lecture: Mercenaries in the Service of Authoritarian States

“By using mercenaries and ostensibly private security services, China and Russia project power and protect their interests abroad without openly deploying their armed forces. However, in doing so, the two countries follow two very different paths.” (Friedrich, Masuhr 2020)

UpF Umea invites you to the upcoming online lecture “Mercenaries in the Service of Authoritarian States” with Niklas Masuhr from the Center for Security Studies, ETH Zürich. In his research, Niklas Masuhr sheds light on the approach by i.a. China, Russia, Turkey and UAE to incorporate private military and security contractors (PMSC) in their pursuit to enforce and safeguard national interests beyond their borders. We are looking forward to a highly interesting lecture about the different paths these states go down in this endeavor, legal grey areas and how their use of PMSCs differs from the way PMSC operate in the service of Western states.Niklas Masuhr is a member of the ETH’s Global Security Team and works on contemporary conflicts, defence policies and military strategies. We are very grateful to have him as speaker and hope you do not miss out on this lecture!

Date: 02.03.2021
Time: 12-13
Location: Zoom