Human Rights Week 2020: Lecture

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation from the perspective of International Law

As part of the Human Rights Week, UpF is very delighted to be hosting Karin Åström for a lunch lecture on Wednesday, 9 December 12-13.

In her lecture Karin Åström will be outlining central legislation of the international law framework related to Human Rights as well as elaborating possibilities and challenges regarding the enforcement of international law on the global level.Considering the already extensive and yet growing amount of cases around the globe, special emphasis will be put on Human Rights Violations in course of Human Trafficking as well as sexual exploitation, as the most frequent form of Human Trafficking.Karin Åström is a Umeå University lecturer at the law faculty with broad expertise and experience in the field of human rights which is why we are grateful to announce her as speaker for this lecture.

The event will be held on Zoom and free for everyone, so make sure to join us for this interesting lecture!