Activity: US Election Night

US Election Night at E-puben

After a year full of extraordinary events the time has finally come for another one, the US General Election. 2020 has so far included more alone time than most would have liked and that is why we are happy to announce that you will not have to spend this night solo! Why? Well, that is because the Umeå Association of International Affairs along with Nordpol and the Umeå Student Union are hosting a U.S. election night at E-Puben!We have planned for a night full of fun and exciting activities. We will analyze and discuss the election and its possible outcome and – most of all – have a nice time together. The bar will of course be open.

When: Tuesday 3/11/2020 at 21-02

Where? E-puben

Tickets: 50 kr

You will be able to buy your ticket in this event through a link that will be provided on the 20th of October at 18:00. Because of the current pandemic there will be a maximum of 50 people attending the event. The event is available for members in either UpF, Nordpol or Umeå Studentkår. You also have to be a student union member to be able to enter e-puben. Make sure to save the date and set the time for the tickets.

We hope to see you there!