Vacancies in the UpF board 16/17 (Updated)

Here is a reminder to apply to our board!
Are you interested in international affairs and the many perks of being involved in Umeå Association of International Affairs (great fun, new friends, sharing and contributing to knowledge)? Do you want to commit further to the association by becoming part of our incredible (but humble) board? There will be some seats to fill at the extra annual meeting in January, which means that you can apply to them!
Except for the post that has been announced already (see the below for the full list of posts) we are also looking to fill the position of Editor. Are you interested in foreign affairs? Do you like writing or grafic design? In that case you should apply for our post Editor!


The editor has responsibility for distribution of the association’s’ magazine Utpost. Among other things, it is the responsibility of the editor to assemble editorial staff when creating the magazine; writers, graphic designers and photographers. Preferably, you should have an interest for reading and writing and have a vision for future editions of Utpost as well as the development of the editorial work. There has been a discussion about developing a web-based magazine and our vision is therefore that the editor is willing to start the procedure of transforming the magazine.


Head of Communication (PR)
Being Head of Communication means responsibility for marketing the association. You will be in charge of the website and communication via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Further, you will be responsible för creating a monthly newsletter and you will be in charge of and lead a committee. The position is a part of the board which requests active work within the board. You should have good planning skills as well as motivation to develop the association further. It is mandatory to be able to write and talk in English.


Head of Programme
Being head of program means responsibility for planning and arranging lectures. You will also be in charge of and lead a program-committee. The head of program is also a member of the board which requests active work within the board. Preferably, you should be creative and have ideas on how to develop the association. You should have good planning skills as well as social competence and collaboration skills.


The Umeå Association of International Affairs is a part of the Swedish Association of International Affairs (SAIA) and therefore one person should be sent to represent the local association at the national level. Your task is to bring forward local issues and concerns to the national level and thus act as the central communication channel between the different levels. You should have ambition on how to develop the cooperation between the different associations. Preferably, you should have experience from working within an organization or association and furthermore you need to have the possibility to travel to attend meetings four times a year.


Head of Podcast
A new position for the next semester is the Head of Podcast. In this position you’ll have a lot of freedom to develop both the podcast itself but also the position as a whole, and that requires that you have the ability to work independently. You will work closely together with the Heads of Programme and Head of Activity to create a common theme in the work of the association, for example by working on the same political themes and reaching specific target groups. Previous experience is a merit but not necessary. What’s most important is that you have ambition to develop the position and create a team that together can create this new platform for debate around international politics. The position is a part of the board which requests active work within the board.


Does any of these positions appeal to you? Then, please read on for important information.


HOW TO NOMINATE YOURSELF AND/OR OTHERS? Send us an e-mail and tell us you’re interested. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just include your contacts. We will respond to all e-mails by setting up a “fika” where we’ll answer your questions and you may tell us more about yourself. It’ll be sort of like an interview but more fun (hopefully!) :)


It will still be possible to nominate yourself and/or others for the vacancies at the annual meeting.


QUESTIONS? E-mail us:
Our best regards;
Elvira Fritzell, Tilda Molin and Clara Höglund
Election Committee
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