Election night checklist


Less then 24 hours to go!

One last checklist, the most important and relevant yet:

* For those of you who have bought a ticket, bring the ticket along with som kind of photo ID. The ticket will not only get you in but also a drink from the bar.

* For those of you who are coming to the drop in after 23:00, bring a valid photo ID and a proof of membership for UpF, Nordpol or Samvetet.

* If you want to buy a UpF membership it’s possible to do at the door but we would appreciate if you could do it beforehand online at: upfu.org/engagera-dig

* 01:00 Origo need, due to their regulations, close and re-open so while this is happening we’re going to do a quiz outside! During that you will be able to buy hotdogs and soda so bring cash/card and warm clothes.

* And speaking money, save some for the breakfast! American pancakes with maple syrup will be served for 40kr! Coffee/tea included.

* You are not allowed to bring your own beverages, regardless if they are containing alcohol or not! Fika on the other hand is allowed.

If you have any questions contact UpF, Nordpol or Samvetet

A lot of you will be attending the election night that has garnered attention from local media. This particular article is from Umeå Tidning.
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