Important information about the election night


So the countdown has begun!


For those of you who have bought a ticket, bring the ticket along with som kind of photo ID.

For those of you who are coming to the drop in after 23:00, bring som kind of photo ID and a proof of membership for UpF, Nordpol or Samvetet.

If you want to buy a UpF membership it’s possible to do so at the door but we would appreciate it if you could do it beforehand online at:

AND at 01:00 Origo need, due to their rules, close and re-open so at that time we’re going to do a quiz outside. During that you will be able to buy hotdogs and soda så bring CASH (swish and card wont be accepted) and warm clothes.

As said before, it’s NOT allowed to bring alcohol.

/ UpF, Nordpol and Samvete

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