Election night update

As of today we’re only one week away from the big night on the 8th, and the events during the last week hasn’t made it any less exciting as the gap between the big candidates are closing in in the opinion polls.

Maybe it is due to this that the pressure to get tickets has been so overwhelming and all 100 sold out in the first few hours they were available. However, we would like to remind all of you who didn’t manage to get a ticket that drop-in will begin at 23:00 for all members of UpF, Nordpol and Samvetet. If you want to take part in the events and watch the election unfold after the dinner and aren’t a member of either association, UpF sells memberships online or at any of our events. We’d love to see you there!

Curious about what the election night will have to offer? Check our calendar or the event on Facebook for more information.


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