Week 8 in UpF

This weeks lecture is with Björn Tunbäck, board member of “Reportrar utan gränser” and journalist for SVT who also has been working for Kaliber and Uppdrag granskning. Furthermore, he has been deeply engaged with the Dawit Isaak-case.

This lecture will focus on threats against freedom of speech. Björn Tunbäck, an active journalist working for both “Reporters without borders” and SVT is going to talk about his own experiences concerning different types and causes of threats against journalists and activists. His analysis specifically covers the situation in Kenya, Uganda and Eritrea. This naturally follows as he has just returned from a trip to several East African countries. A well-known example from the area is the case of Dawit Isaak, the Swedish-Eritrean journalist who has been imprisoned by the government of Eritrea due to his journalistic work. The lecturer will also discuss the response from the Swedish media and authorities as well as the EU concerning these problems.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/930299943743646/

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