UpF is going to Morocco!

For those of you who have missed the  meeting last Thursday, here is some summed up information about the trip.

In the third week of April, UpF is organising a study trip to Morocco, more specifically between the 18th and 25th. The aim of travelling there is to reach a combination of visiting several organisations and exploring the country from a touristic point of view.

From a foreign affairs perspective, Morocco is an interesting place to visit, mainly because of the political isolation from Africa and the African Union. The West Sahara conflict has been a politically sensitive discussion since the occupation from Morocco in 1975. 84 countries, for example all African countries besides Morocco, have accepted West Sahara as an independent country, but none of the EU countries does. Further topics to explore while visiting are the Human rights situation in the country, the relation with other African countries, the democratic development, child labor and emigration to Europe, effects of the Arab Spring etc. We will mostly spend our time in the capital Rabat at the seaside, the political centre of the country where also all the important organisations are situated. However, the historical city of Casablanca is only one hour away by train and thus offers a perfect opportunity for a day trip.

Hard facts:
When: April 18th-25th (maybe 24th depending on the flights)
Costs: 4500-5500 SEK including flights, transportation, accommodation, organisation visits
Maximum amount of travelers: 20 UpF members (lottery system)
Location: Mostly the capital Rabat
Accommodation: Surfers Hostel
Flight: Stockholm – Rabat
Application: Write a mail to travel@upfu.org with your name and phone number
(This application is not binding and it is possible to opt-out at any time.)
Confirmed organisations: UNHCR, Swedish Embassy, AMDH.
In process: University of Rabat, organisation for women’s rights (ADFM) etc.
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