Week 6 in UpF

Another exciting week is coming including a lecture and to information meetings.
On Monday at 15.00 in Lecture hall B (Lindell) Max Koch, professor from Lund University is visiting us to give a lecture about “CLIMATE CHANGE, CAPITALISM and DEGROWTH Trajectories To A Steady-State Economy”

This lecture summarizes the available climate science expertise and then discusses the genesis of climate change as a socio-ecological issue highlighting its parallel development with capitalism. It moves on to review institutional approaches to study the link between capitalist diversity and greenhouse gas emissions and outlines future research directions with emphasis on a possible reconciliation of Marxian and “degrowth” thought. Due to the lacking evidence for absolute decoupling of economic growth, material resource use and carbon emissions it is argued that rich societies will need to deprioritize economic growth as policy goal in the twenty-first century. Critical thought should be dedicated towards analyzing the structural challenges and opportunities in building a global steady-state economy as well as associated postgrowth societies.

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Committee Info Meeting

On Tuesday the 9th of February, we are going to have an information meeting about five committees (Program, Activities, Graphic Design & PR, Editorial, Radio) within UpF.
Do you want to
…bring in ideas for upcoming lectures?
…plan the documentary club?
…design posters and flyers?
…interview lecturers?
…record a radio show?
…publish an article in our magazine UTPOST?
Then come to BT211 (Beteendevetarhuset, Behavioural Science Building) at 15.15 and take the possibility to get involved.

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Trip to Morocco – Info Meeting
The planning for the trip to Morocco is going splendidly! Next Thursday we welcome all interested members to an info-meeting about the trip. Here the planning so far will be presented as well as estimated costs, the floor will then be opened up for questions. At the end we will start to accept applications and it will be possible to do so until Sunday 14/2. If you can’t make it to the meeting or need time to think about it you can send your application during this time to the travel-mail (travel@upfu.org) The application is not binding and it’s possible to opt-out later if you wish. After the application-time is up we will commence the lottery process which will determine who gets the chance to go. The meeting will be at 12.00 in S306.

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