Extra Annual Meeting and Minister Workshop

February ist starting with some exciting events in UpF.
First, we want to introduce the workshop “Minister för en dag” that is going to take place on Wedneday at 15.00 in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet. In order to participate, write a mail to program@upfu.org

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On Monday the first of February at 17.00 we will have the extra annual meeting, where everyone is warmly invited to come. There is even  still the possibility to apply for board posts directly on the meeting.

Post to be elected:
Head of Communication (2)
You will be in charge of the website and communication via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Further, you will be responsible for creating a monthly newsletter and you will be in charge of and lead a committee. The position is a part of the board, which requests active work within the board. You should have good planning skills as well as motivation to develop the association further. It is mandatory to be able to write and talk in English.

Vice president
As vice president you have a great responsibility for the administrative work of the association. You should be well informed in the projects of the association so that you can assist the president as much as possible. Also, you are required to substitute the president when she/he is absent. You should have planning skills, taking initiative and a will to develop and improve both the administrative work of the association as well as the cooperation within the board.

The Association of International Affairs Umeå is a part of the Swedish Association of International Affairs and therefore one person should be sent to represent the local association at the national level. Your task is to bring forward local issues and concerns to the national level and thus act as the central communication channel between the different levels. You should have ambition on how to develop the cooperation between the different associations. Preferably, you should have experience from working within an organization or association and furthermore you need to have the possibility to travel to attend meetings four times a year.

Members of the election committee
The election committee works with nominating new members of the board, election committee and UFS-representative. To be in the election committee you should have ambitions on how to contribute to the future for the association in the best way possible.

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