UpF Jordan Travel

UpF Umeå´s travel group of 15 people recently returned from their trip to Jordan

“7 days of awesomeness, that is the short description of UPF Umeå´s trip to Jordan. During that time we had the opportunity to visit; The Jordanian Women´s Union, The swedish Embassy in Amman, The international red cross, the swedish organization for individual relief and last but not least the university of Jordan and its department on international relations. The visits spanned from discussions on women rights in Jordan, To how Jordan handles the huge amount of Syrian refugees, to disabled people´s rights to water crisis to what the best dinner place in town is.
On our trip we also had the opportunity to see one of the seven wonders of the world; Petra, and take a salty swim in the dead sea, walk amongst the ruins from the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods… and on the list goes. So once again, a short description of the journey with Umeå UPF; Intense, chill, interesting, humbling, and awesome.”
/Pernilla Nordqvist, Head of Travel & Activities
Pictures taken by Molly Grönlund Müller
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