India´s daughter


UpF documentary club welcomes you to a screening of the movie: India´s daughter. A documentary that has been banned in India and torn the country into two camps; for and against the making of the film.

INDIA’s DAUGHTER is the story of 23 year old medical student Jyoti Singh. She was brutally gang raped on a moving bus in Delhi which eventually led to her death after 13 days of fighting for her life. Her death, sparked unprecedented protests and riots throughout India and led to the first glimmers of a change of mindset. Interwoven into the story line are the lives, values and mindsets of the rapists whom the film makers (Leslee Udwin) have had exclusive and unprecedented access to interview. The film examines the society and values which spawn such violent acts, and makes an optimistic and impassioned plea for change.

Join us for an interesting screening and a discussion afterwards where we can share our thoughts and maybe get a better understanding of the complex fight in India right now regarding this film but also the struggle within its society to create a change on the attitude towards women but also toward sexual violence.


Place: UB 336, Umeå University
Time: 16:00-17:45
Members Free enterance
Non member: 20 kr
Membership : 50 kr
Snacks will be provided!

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