New Head of Programme


Last week at the extra annual meeting Marcus Anderbrant was elected for the post as Head of Programme, the post is shared with  Aron Segerström who has been Head of Programme since last spring.      Let´s read about Marcus thoughts about UpF.

Why did you apply for the post?

I’ve been a member of both the Programme- and the Activity Committees since September 2014. By becoming more active in the association I’ve grown more and more fond of it. It’s always been inspiring to meet all members and go to the events, but also, having been part of arranging a few events myself, I’ve enjoyed the work itself. Being a part of the Programme Committee has been a great experience, so when the slot for Head of Programme became available it felt natural for me to apply for the vacancy.

 What does UpF mean for you?

Ever since I started to attend to UpF’s events, it’s been my absolute highlights at campus. Not only because the association lifts subjects that usually doesn’t get that much attention in Sweden, where internal affairs usually are dominating the debate, and thus fills an important role just based on this, but also because it has been very educating for me by exposing me to topics which I may not have been fully aware of previously. The prominent guests and the committed members just adds up to one big learning opportunity in a way that is rare to find. The environment is just truly inspiring.

How do you want UpF to develop?

I hope that UpF will be able to reach out to even more people than before from a wide range of faculties and hopefully get more people involved in the Programme Committee. The most important thing, the way I see it, is that we’re able to maintain a good atmosphere within the Programme Committee and UpF as a whole, where members feel able to take their own initiatives as we, the Heads of Programmes and the rest of the board, give them our full support. The members are the foundation of UpF and therefore the future development of the association should be a cumulative process of all our thoughts and ideas.

What are you looking forward to this spring term?

There’s a whole bunch of things that I’m looking forward to during this semester. I feel excited about following the WHOLE EARTH?-project up-close, but also I happen to know that there are several great lectures coming up that I think will be great. We’re doing a trip to Jordan that I’m also looking forward to. And also there’s rumours that a movie club will appear this semester. Clearly there’s so much going on that I simply feel excited about the whole semester, not to mention meeting all our members and just talking or discussing different subjects during the social events!


Tomorrow we will get to know the Graphic Designer Erik Hortell, take care!


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