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It has come to our attention that UpF Umeå is turning 20 (!) in 2015. Twenty years of highlighting international issues, furthering the debate on the politics and problems of the world, and bringing awesome lectures to our fellow students at Umeå University! As one of 13 associations across Sweden, in a family that keeps on growing (UF at Luleå University being the latest), we hope to bring awareness in a society that is evolving into a global community, where events in one part of the world can have effects across all nations. With our new committees, more social activities and yearly trips for our members, UpF is booming!

To celebrate this, we will of course have some sort of awesome party! More importantly, UpF Umeå is planning to change the logo again! Do you feel the inspiration flowing, ideas popping into your head as you’re reading this, and itching fingers wanting to create our new graphical profile? Then sit down, start designing and send us your suggestion before the last of November, and your entry might be the one chosen to represent UpF Umeå for years to come!

Email your entry to info@upfu.org!

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