After having had the privilege of visiting the Swedish Forum for Human Rights during three days this past week, most of us probably feel overwhelmed by all the new information we’ve been fed, awed by the courage and energy displayed by so many people in this world in their fight for human rights, and frustrated that we had to choose daily between so many interesting seminars, debates and lectures and could only pick one out of ten! We at UpF also hope that you were also left with a sense of accomplishment for having participated in this great event, and also with excitement for the future.

UpF Umeå had the great honor of participating in the WHOLE EARTH? seminar, a project focusing on the future, and what we as students and citizens can do to attain sustainable development. A very broad project, full of possibilities as it is we, the students and participants, who have the task of finding a way to influence our politicians and reach out to our peers. We were joined in the seminar by our fellow students from Kenya, who are also taking part of WHOLE EARTH? next year. They reminded us of the global nature of the environmental problems facing the world today, but also that this is a global project!

The seminar was held by Mark Edwards and Dag Jonzon, pioneers of this project and true sources of inspiration for our generation!

On Friday night our members, together with Amnesty’s members had a cozy evening at Pipes, discussions about the days events popping up all over the place. A brilliant time to ventilate new ideas and thoughts, and making new friends!


What better way to end MR-dagarna than to watch Edward Snowden receive Ordfront’s Democracy Price! Together with Glenn Greenwald, he discussed the future of technology, the threat of mass surveillance and the importance of the right to privacy. The audience was going nuts, and the applauses were never ending! The lesson learned during these days was best captured by our Chairman Filippa, who said: You always think that you as a person can’t make a difference, but when you hear all these stories, there’s always that one person who started it all!

Want to see more photos from MR-dagarna? Check out #upflovesmr on instagram!

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