UPF’s is organizing a live stream from the seminar “The fight against Swedish nuclear wepons and for international disarmament” (Kampen mot svenska kärnvapen och för internationell nedrustning), since we know most of our members won’t be able to attend this in Stockholm. The seminar is hosted by Kvinnor för Fred (Women for peace), in collaboration with Sveriges Fredsrå and ABF Stockholm. Unfortunately for our international students it will be held in Swedish.

WHEN? Thursday the 23rd of October, 18.00-20.00

WHERE? S208, The Social Science Building

Want to learn more about this series of seminars being held this autumn in Stockholm? Check out the program! There will be snacks and great discussions, and it’s all free! We hope to see you there!


Our Travel and Activities Coordinator Pernilla informs us that there will be a meeting with the Activities Committee today over lunch, also in S208… And as if all of this wasn’t enough, there’s ANOTHER meeting tomorrow, with the Travel Committee! Can’t process this much good news? Come to one of our meetings and meet one of our board members to see where you can best get involved!

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