VACANCIES: Vice President, auditor and election committee


Dear UPF-members, 
Are you interested in becoming part of our board 2014/2015? If so, this is your chance. We are looking for a new VICE PRESIDENT: Here is a description of the position:

Also, we are looking for a new AUDITOR and ELECTION COMMITTEE. Are you interested in any of the vacancies? Want to know more? E-mail Sanna Forsberg at


At the election meeting we did not elect a Vice President, instead the meeting gave the board mandate to elect a interim Vice President, that will candidate and (possibly) be formally elected at the annual meeting this fall (September) – which is why we are asking you to send in your applications. 
The application should include a short introduction of yourself and also a section where you name 1-3 strenghts and weaknesses of our association, Umeå Association of International Affairs. This should be sent to me,, May 14th at the latest. We will call all applicants to a meeting May 19th at 6.30pm where you will be able to further introduce yourself and there will be time for you to ask questions to the board and vice versa. So, save the date, and please tell me if you are not able to make it – then we’ll try to reschedule. We will send the agenda (with location) for the meeting to all who have submitted an application.
At the meeting May 19th the board will elect the interim Vice President. If you are not elected, you may still candidate for the position at the annual meeting this fall. 
I’m looking forward to meeting you. 
Kind regards, 
Sanna Forsberg

Ordförande / Chairman 
Utrikespolitiska Föreningen vid Umeå Univeristet / Umeå Association of International Affairs
Box 7652
90713 Umeå
Cellphone +46 (0)70- 628 05 96
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