Afternoon on the Middle East 4/12

This Tuesday we vill have visitors from SWEDISH INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (13.00) and THE ISRAELI EMBASSY (15.00):

Magnus Norell, Senior Research Fellow at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, and one of Sweden’s most prominent experts on the Middle East, will speak about democratization processes in the Middle East region. What has happened since the Arabic Spring and which are the prospects for democracy development in the region? The lecture will end with a question and answer session. The lecture will be held in SWEDISH.

Uri Rothman, Israeli embassy counsellor, will speak about the role of Israel in the Middle East region. The lecture will end with a question and answer session. The lecture will be held in ENGLISH.

AFTERNOON ON THE MIDDLE EAST is an event exclusively for the members of Umeå Association of International Affairs. To attend the lectures during this afternoon you will need a valid membership. Membership can be purchased on-site for 50 SEK per two semesters.

NOTE! To attend the lecture at 15.00 you will need a ticket and you must leave your jacket, bag and other loose items in the wardrobe* (S309). As a member you will get the ticket for free at the entrance of Lecture hall B and it will also work as a wardrobe tag.

* The wardrobe is facilitated by Umeå Association of International Affairs and will be guarded at all times – however we do not take responsibility for any of the items.

UMEÅ ASSOCIATION OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS is a religiously and politically independent forum for foreign policy and international affairs. The goal of the association is to be Sweden’s leading platform for foreign policy debate and to spread knowledge about other countries, cultures and religions in order to increase mutual understanding and respect between people and groups with different geographical, political, social and religious backgrounds. Umeå Association of International Affairs does not take stand on substantive issues and opinions expressed during lectures and other events are the speakers own.

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