Extra Annual Meeting, Umeå Association of Foreign Affairs
Date: 2012-01-23
Time: 17:00
Place: UMU, S304
§1 Opening
§1.1 Election of the meeting speaker
§1.2 Election of the secretary
§1.3 Election of attesters (2)
§1.4 Election of tellers (2)
§1.5 Legitimacy of the meeting announced
§1.6 Approval of the agenda
§2 Account receivable
§3 Change in bylaws regarding authorized signatories
§4 Change in bylaws regarding rules regulating members right to vote
§5 Election of board members
§5.1 Election of editor
§5.2 Election of PR-manager
§5.3 Election of UFS-representative
§6 Election of program managers (not to be board members)
§7 Meeting concluded

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