Actors for Sustainable Peace – Operation 1325

4 October, At 5-7 pm, Lecture hall A (Lindellhallen), Operation 1325.

Participating: Rita Martin (south Sudan); Kamilia Kuku Kura (Sudan); Margareta Winberg (President UN Women Sweden) and a professor from Umeå university.
The seminar will be about women i conflict areas, women gaining power in peace process and the importance of
womens participation in democratic as well as economic development.
The Association of International Affairs will be collaborating with Operation 1325, which is an umbrella organization for five organisation and collaborats with some other organisations such as WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom),Women for Peace, Women’s Council, The Swedish Federation of Immigrant Women’s association and UN Women National Committee Sweden. The organisation raises awareness of resolution 1325 and inform the public about women’s peace work and the importance of implementing resolution 1325 worldwide. They do this by offering training for different target groups, arranges seminars and other activities. A professor from Umeå university will also take part in the debate. The seminar will be in English

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