11 April, Gunnar Wetterberg – ”FÖRBUNDSSTATEN NORDEN – Världens 10:e största ekonomi med 25 miljoner invånare”

11 April, kl 15.00, Hörsal A, Lindellhallen, Gunnar Wetterberg – FÖRBUNDSSTATEN NORDENVärldens 10:e största ekonomi med 25 miljoner invånare” (Lecture in Swedish)

Gunnar Wetterberg is a swedish historian and SACO(The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations) public policy manager. The lecture will be about the benefications of the nordic countries joining forces. According to Gunnar Wetterberg a Nordic federal would give the Nordic countries an international powerful position; A Nordic Union would be the world’s tenth largest economy and the Nordic countries would have a place at the major International Council Act.

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