25 January: The peace-process in the Middle East – Endless negotiation ?

Karin Aggestam will be visiting Upf 25 january at 16.15 o’clock (Lecture hall B a.k.a hörsal B) to discuss the peace-related problems in the Middle East, with focus on the peace-process between Israel and Palestine.Will it be an endless negotiation?

Karin Aggestam is an Associate professor in Political Science and Director of Peace and Conflict Research at
Lund University. She has publiced books like War and Peace in Transition; Changing Roles of External
Actors, Diplomacy in Theory and Practice and TIPH: Preventing Conflict Escalation in Hebron?
For more information about Aggestam, you can visit her home page: http://www.svet.lu.se/Dynamic/personal_page/personal_homepage.lasso?-token.kod=KAG&-token.language=eng

Entrance fee 20 SEK, free entrance for members. Membership 50 SEK/year can be arranged at the event.


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